Vegas 2014 #Librmania


I will be headed to Las Vegas to represent UNIT 411, Life, Liberty, and all that Librarianship holds true.

Here are some links I found useful in no order because I am tired.

The location


Session Browser

News about the event

How to not to get kicked out

Local Info

Noobies like me


Where to eat vegetarian on an evil PDF because HTML is too expensive

ALA 2014 Forum

Job Seekers

Overview in an evil PDF that will slow down your flow

Poster Sessions

Accessibility Issues

Do not get into the van, no matter how much candy


Some of the things I want to check out and why…

  • 3D Printers and Library Policies: While generally associated with public libraries 3D printing is tentatively held as a potential revolution in manufacturing on par with the impact of the Internet. Moving forward, the data structures that comprise the instructions pose new challenges as do the IP laws for objects. Understanding 3D printing in terms of a library is akin to getting an idea where libraries might stand in the next wave of disruptive technology.
  • Discovering Open Access Articles: Maximum Access, Maximum Visibility!: Open Access (OA) variations tend to be celebrated in terms of a perceived social good. Still, publishers argue that content without discovery tools and high end data mining create inefficiencies and obscure scholarly communication which outweigh free access.
  • Intellectual Freedom in the Surveillance State: There is a general concern that scholarly communication is another channel for surveillance. This is disturbing because it has long been a sanctuary of objectivity, free of the chilling effect of the state. Yet there are real issues of security that require review.
  • Libraries in the Publishing Game: New Roles from Content to Access: Aside from OA Journals, institutional repositories, and University Presses, there is a movement by libraries of all kinds to generate their own content, while this is still being tested in terms of blogs and wikis there are more robust efforts like OA textbooks that might be interesting for libraries to look into.
  • Power, Privilege, and Positionality: Applying a Critical Lens to LIS Education: LIS education is never-ending and in my experience requires not only re-evaluating skills but doing so in terms of critical reasoning. Literally reconsidering that we take for granted as known. Sadly the social science element of LIS is often forgone.
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